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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings


Learning looks a little different at Sapna and this photo is a perfect example of our self-directed learning approach. There are multiple offerings happening (some of which cannot be seen in the picture) and participants are sharing stories, creating memories, and learning deeply. Let 'em take you on a walk around Sapna Academy...

There is Kash and Calder playing Memory in the top left corner. A simple matching game that, in this moment, is teaching the complexities of patience, understanding, and friendship.

To the right is Alexis, working on her computer as she completes a writing project, while also reading and giggling at the ideas of her fellow authors.

In the front, we have four boys spanning in ages from just turned four-year-old, Logan to eleven-year-old, Jacob. They are in deep discussion - each trying to explain their build, while also negotiating for pieces all at the same time. There is so much rich learning happening in this group - teamwork and compromise, encouragement, forgiveness. The life lessons learned at the lego pile go on and on...

While not in the picture, Coach J is close by on the carpet with the boys, working on the marble run, getting a little quiet time after the hustle and bustle of story time.

The girls are at legos with Coach Ivan, building sailboats and using self-created wind power to race across the table!

Sometimes learning happens in a group and sometimes learners need personal time to reflect and grow. We are proud that Sapna allows space for all types of learners to tap into their creativity and build their knowledge no matter what their interests. Down time is built in to our schedule because we know self-reflection and figuring out what you care about takes time. We are here to provide that space and that time.

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Bubble Fest!

Iggy Peck, Architect?

Valentine Friendship Bracelets

Escape Room - Super Hero Edition

Settlers of Catan Tea Party

Hello Friends! Read + Play - Community Helpers

Legos with Coach Ivan

What Can You Do? Game

More fun at the center...



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