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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings


We started this past week with yet another fall celebration! Learners studied Dia de los Muertos, created "sugar" skulls in honor of our ancestors, and decorated the ofrenda (altar) with symbolic loose parts like fresh marigolds, sugar skulls, silk flowers, electric candles, oranges, and anything else they could find that they felt belonged on the altar. Then they were given the task of bringing in photos of their loved ones or ancestors who have passed on, as well as learn their stories.

Over the rest of the week, learners taught each other about the altar and explained the symbolism behind the items on our ofrenda. By Friday, it was filled with photographs and we all had the chance to meet our extended Sapna family through pictures and stories. At the end of each day, we sat around the altar, while our fellow Sapna storytellers told their tales. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared a little piece of their family with us.

In the spirit of sharing traditions, we are planning to host a Sapna Friendsgiving Potluck Luncheon on Friday, November 18th at 11am. All Sapna families are welcome to attend, please just let Ms. Jo know you are coming and how you would like to contribute. Whether you bring plates and napkins or cook us your favorite sweet potato casserole, we are grateful and excited to share a meal with all of you!

Learners from our Odyssey of the Mind teams attended a Spontaneous Workshop this past Saturday organized by the Manatee Region Spontaneous Captain + Team. It was a morning of creativity, problem solving and fun. We are excited for the next Construction Workshop on December 3rd from 9am-12pm. Please let Ms. Jo know if your child plans to attend.

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Tuesday - Spontaneous Cardboard Painting, Story Time with Ms. Kaitlin, Math with Coach J, + Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Wednesday - Mud Kitchen Fun, Young Athletes, Creativity with Corbin, Drawing, Odyssey of the Mind

Thursday - Pallet Fun, Young Athletes, Math with Coach J, Sapna Shorts with Matt, Cookie Decorating with Alyce, Holes Finale Trivia Challenge - Congrats to our winners Alyce + Neil!

Friday - Ninja Training with Matt, Garden Work + Planting Seeds, Social Skills - Tuning In + Being Flexible, Fun Friday Fitness, Math, Catapults with Mr. Nick, Odyssey of the Mind Team Practice