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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings


Creating a space for self-directed, project-based learning has been a main focus at the center this year. Each day, kids are given the opportunity and encouraged to pursue an individual or group project. Sometimes they come up with one day projects - a cardboard model airplane or marble maze, a fancy restaurant, an original book. Other times, the projects become more long term.

The Repto-Bros Club was started at the end of last year by two reptile enthusiasts at the center. On their first day returning to Sapna, they did not skip a beat and were right back to researching and sharing information about all things reptile. Each week, they meet and discuss their own reptiles, their favorite exotic reptiles from around the world, and prepare presentations about these reptiles. This week, another creature-lover got in on the action and the idea of Repto-Fest was born. By Friday, the Repto-Bros had a list of activities, a detailed map of the event space and all the materials gathered. Set-up was quick and everyone who came learned something new and had a great time!

And this was just a run through for the REAL Repto-Fest on Friday, October 13th. It will be part of our Sapna Fall Showcase - a special event where the Sapna students will have the opportunity to display and share their projects - art, movies, stories, books, creations. Our rooms will be transformed into art galleries and spaces spotlighting our students special talents and passions. We hope you will all join us for this noteworthy night.


Enjoy this photo journal of our WEEK AT Sapna!







We will be going to JAX BOOK FEST at the main library in downtown Jacksonville this Saturday. The event is free and open to the public. We plan to be there to explore the festival and check out the Junior and Teen Lit Chats (see descriptions below). We hope to see you there!

  • Teen Lit Chat with Angeline Boulley (for teen readers ages 13-18) from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Join us in the Hicks Auditorium for a 40-minute conversation between Angeline Boulley (author of Firekeeper's Daughter) and a local interviewer, followed by 20 minutes of audience Q&A. Note: fans over the age of 18 are more than welcome to attend but the interview questions and discussion will be crafted with teen readers in mind.

  • Junior Lit Chat with Dan Santat from 12 - 12:30 p.m. Children (ages 5-12) and their families are encouraged to attend this 30-minute presentation from author Dan Santat in Multipurpose Room 1 (on the Conference level). The program includes an audience Q&A. Plus: Pick up a FREE Art Kit (while supplies last) inspired by The Adventures of Beekle and make your own "unimaginary" friend!




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