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WEEKLY Update + Upcoming Offerings

This week's **MAGICAL MOMENT** was when Corbin decided to lead our weekly Lego offering...

After not hearing from Coach Ivan, we started to get a little worried about the Lego offering this week. Never fear! Corbin to the rescue with a 3 part challenge that tied into our new Architecture study beautifully. To watch one of our learners quickly adapt and step up to the plate to lead an offering was everything we could ever hope for.

Challenge 1 - Create a building (10 minutes)

Challenge 2 - Create a monster/creature that will attack the building (10 minutes)

Challenge 3 - Create a machine or creature that will protect the building (10 minutes)

Not only did students build a diverse mix of creative buildings, creatures, and machines, the imaginative storytelling that unfolded as each one presented just added to the magic of the moment. Check out some of their creations!

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Architecture Study Fun

Cardboard Creations - Architecture (The Empire State Building)

Game Theory + Biology - Wildcraft

Sight Words with Nicholas

Counting + Catapulting with Ceydee


Read Aloud Book Club

Outside fun at the center...

Check out our new offerings at the center this week.


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