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The world is exploding with new information and high specialization. For kids to learn to navigate this fast changing landscape, they need a chance to actually be at the helm of their learning experience, to practice making decisions and discovering their gifts, talents, and passions. 

The ability to quickly translate a vision or idea into tangible results has always been a valuable skill. In today’s rapidly evolving world, it is a fundamental capacity of the leaders in every field.


Daily activity at our center is organized around this understanding. Our unique space at the link gives kids an unparalleled learning experience working with futuristic technology while collaborating with their community to pursue their dreams.




We regularly hear from parents that they wish they’d had the opportunity to explore their passions a lot earlier so they could have developed a greater sense of purpose. Maybe they didn’t need to change their college major 5 times, graduate with a degree they didn’t really use, then finally figure out what they’re about in a mid-life crisis. By high school age, most of self-directed students have figured out what their core passions are and are actively organizing their future around those things.

The earlier a child is given the time and space to pursue their talents and passions, the sooner they can develop mastery in one or more of these domains. The achievement of mastery is itself a transferable skill that provides confidence to move through the world with a sense of purpose and awareness of the difference you can make.


Imagine a modern-day school house where kids are grouped together by ability and interest, rather than age and allowed to explore their interests and find their passion.

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