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Sapna Academy operates as a learning center for kids ages 5-15 who are registered as homeschool students in the state of Florida.

We provide a gathering place for our community that feels intentional, safe, and respectful.


The rhythm and flow of the day carries learners through their time choosing between organized offerings and self-directed activities.

pillars of learning

culture creation

Many people imagine that culture is something that we must simply accept, that it is unchangeable. The fact is, we can create and change culture intentionally, especially within a smaller community, such as a business or school.


This phenomenon has become more apparent since the advent of the internet, which made a variety and diversity of subcultures more visible.


Embedding values and behaviors into the culture allows us to operate without an oppressive number of rules or overbearing structure. When the created culture becomes the new norm, the need to manipulate others’ behavior through punishments, incentives, or rewards is diminished.


Because everyone is participating in the culture creation, everyone is invested in supporting it.

Tools that facilitate intentional culture creation serve to make implicit cultural norms explicit, help us practice new patterns of behavior through social agreement, and enhance accountability using increased visibility of intentions and results.


Monday-Friday // 2-5 days per week

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Ages: 5-10

This self-directed learning program is focused on freedom, play, and community.  We rely on the guidance of natural rhythms for flowing through our day with safe, loving and empathetic support and structures. Daily offerings include interactive storytelling, art, design + engineering, hands-on science activities and many more opportunities for children to get creative and explore! We believe strongly in honoring the early childhood years by continuing play-based learning, while working to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity.


Why are the programs age mixed?

Segregating people into age cohorts, a practice that really only happens at school, limits their exposure to accessible role models and their opportunities to teach skills they’ve acquired. In an age-mixed environment, older students learn patience and compassion while supporting the younger students. Younger students watch and emulate older students. Everyone gets practice both teaching and learning from people with varying skill levels, learning styles, and attention spans. The results tend to be awe-inspiring.

ALC Educational Model

Sapna Academy uses tools and principles from Agile Learning Centers and their educational model. To learn more about this amazing organization, please visit their website.

“Agile Learning Centers restore the joy of learning with a surprisingly effective educational approach: intentional culture supporting self-directed learning reinforced by agile management tools.”

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