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Weekly Update + UNDERWATER WORLDS Week Activities

Survival Week spurred new ideas and innovations in fort making and prompted this week's **MAGICAL MOMENT**

The simple addition of a mailbox to their natural forts instantly inspired a whole new world of play. Letters were written, pictures were drawn, and correspondence began. Our Branches students created a "fort village" and gave tours to the Roots kids after they sent letters requesting a visit. It was fun, it was play, but the kids were learning so many different skills all at once.

Learners also got to show off their lego skills with Coach Ivan. We practiced writing letters, decorated more cakes and tested our knowledge with a scavenger hunt around the link. Next week we venture to underwater worlds, studying the ocean and its creatures...

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Writing + Sharing Stories

Zumba with Ms. Becky

Legos with Coach Ivan

Scavenger Hunt

More fun at the center...

Check out our offerings at the center next week - UNDERWATER WORLDS!


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