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Newbery 100 Challenge: Week 1

The 100th winner of the Newbery Award, When You Trap a Tiger is a powerful tale with lovable characters who develop rapidly as their lives and understandings of who they are change just as quickly as the world around them.

“Everybody have good and bad in them. But sometimes they so focused on sad, scary stories in life that they forget the good. When that happen, you don’t tell them they are bad. That only make it worse. You remind them of the good.”

The rich storytelling in this book gives it a high score on the anticipation scale, and helps both young adults and adults alike deal with issues families face today, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and cancer. The passing of a family member is never easy, but Tae Keller has given us an outlet to celebrate loss by refocusing our view and interpretation of our stories.


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