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Weekly Update + GARDEN PREP Week Activities

Check out this week's **MAGICAL MOMENT**

Notebooks open, ideas shared, focus, interest, hands covered in paint. A seven year old engaging a 13 year old in the meditative process of painting with your hands. Friends laughing over a silly drawing of a rainbow shark, while someone looks on with curiosity. Another learner engaged in a process she taught last week that she will soon add to the group's ocean mural. And the good old Etch-a-Sketch prompting a story between friends. This is a dream come true. <3

The week started with a fantastic "Naked Mole Rat Day" and ended with a calm and reflective day of yoga, puzzles, and quite a bit of math. In between, we shared adventures in an aquarium, designed and created an underwater mural, and took a tour of the link's Flip Flop Zoo. Looking forward to many more weeks filled with joy, learning, and lots of play!

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Naked Mole Rat Day

Learners learned interesting facts about the naked mole rat, designed and built underground mole rat colonies using various materials, learned to draw Mo Willem's naked mole rat, Wilbur, and also designed his clothes!

Underwater Immersion + Mural Design

Legos with Coach Ivan

Flip Flop Zoo

Yoga with Ms. Sheri

More fun at the center...

Check out our offerings at the center next week as we start prepping our fall garden!


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