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Weekly Update + RENOVATION Week Activities

Word of the Week = MANURE

Does anyone know what manure is? Silence...

Finally Neil says, "It's poop."

Cue the hysterical laughing and "ews". Yes, manure was a hot topic at Sapna this week during our garden prep. Learners got a chance to work with it and understand its importance in the garden. This time we used Black Kow, but I would love to pick up some "zoo poo" from the Jacksonville Zoo in the future. The kids might get a kick out of that!

In addition to garden prep, the kids got to work with Coach Ivan, starting the Legos Cargo Connect program with our younger learners. Next week, older students will start on Wednesday.

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Garden Prep


Legos with Coach Ivan

Yoga with Ms. Sheri

More fun at the center...

Check out our offerings at the center next week as we work to better utilize our space and create a community library at the link!


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