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Artist Study - Jackson Pollock

It all started in the immersion room, as we soared above the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. There were so many bright lights and colors. We all began to "oooh" and "ahhh". We visited many other cities, but there was nothing quite like fireworks exploding on the side of a building.

When the construction phase began, many students started stacking boxes, trying to build the tallest tower. One student, however, laid her cardboard on the floor and began painting a large picture of a palm tree. When questioned, she stated that she was starting with a mural - a tropical-inspired mural. It turned out fabulous. Then she began to construct a huge building, that she insisted she must be able to fit inside. Once it was up, a rooftop restaurant and penthouse went on top and our skyline had a high-rise apartment building for cats!

As soon as I saw the building, I was transported back to the Hong Kong skyline. How could we put fireworks on this high-rise? Then it hit me. Jackson Pollock. We would splatter paint the front to look like the flashing lights on Hong Kong.

To make a long story short, we never splattered the building, but we did study Jackson Pollock and created art inspired by his work and technique. The image above looks like it belongs in an art gallery, as many of our students' work tends to do. The artist started out with a little paint splatter, but the "action painting" really took hold as he picked up tools from the ground and began swiping and scratching across the poster. It was experimental, creative, and inspiring - everything learning should be! Learners of all ages watched and learned from each other, testing out new tools and techniques.

Check out a few of the other Pollock-inspired pieces:

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

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