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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings


What better way to bridge the week that shares March and April then to celebrate and study the rainbow? A symbol of hope after a storm, the rainbow created many opportunities for creativity and learning this week. From scrape painting to homemade spectroscopes to the "Rainbow Road" obstacle course, it was all things rainbow.

Next week, we continue our celebration of the rainbow moving into the garden. Flowers, vegetables, fruits of every color - we will harvest, cook, + plant, continuing to cultivate our Sapna garden and our knowledge.

Here are a few of our rainbow activities:

Rainbow Scrape Painting

Rainbow Construction

Paint a Rainbow

Rainbow Road Obstacle Course

My Rainbow Book

Find the Color

More Rainbow Fun!

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Happy Birthday Nora!

Cardboard Construction - Electric Pickup Truck + Tunnel

In the Mat Room with Coach Kash

Adventures on the East Lawn

Immersion Field Trips

Hello Friends! Read + Play - Rainbows

Creative Lego Duplos

Making Playdough with Eden and Mrs. Tina

Lizard Hunt + Mud Kitchen Restaurant

More fun at the center...