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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings

This week's **MAGICAL MOMENT** was actually a magical night and our Sapna Storytellers made their theatrical debut...

Our kids are so talented and brave! We had no idea so many people would attend our show, but we are officially calling it a COMPLETE SUCCESS! Everyone returned on Friday ready to start planning the next event. It was incredible to watch each student take on a role in the production and excel. Keep an eye out for our next performance date in November.

We also launched a readers theater podcast called the Sapna Storytellers that you can find on Spotify. Here is our first episode!

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Looking forward to starting a new month with so much purpose and joy. :)

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Readers Theater - Halloween Performance

Cardboard Creations

Legos with Coach Ivan

Game Theory

More fun at the center...

Check out our offerings at the center next week!


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