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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings


"Knowing and being able to express one's authentic self is important to the development of a child's identity. A sense of identity helps a child learn how to be themselves and promotes the development of a whole person who fulfills their full potential. Learning to be is the source of creativity and innovation. It helps a child gain the capacity to decide and act independently and to be an individual, a member of a family and community, a citizen of the world, an inventor, a creative dreamer. Learning to be gives children the insight and creativity they need to function in the yet-to-be-created world of the future. Educating children goes beyond teaching them to read, write, and perform basic math; it involves giving them the life skills, knowledge, and disposition needed to be successful. Education needs to be infused with daily opportunities to reflect, test ideas, hypothesize, and solve complex social and intellectual problem."

Loose Parts 4: Inspiring 21st Century Learning

Lisa Daly + Miriam Beloglovsky

This paragraph, written by two of my favorite educators, was a reminder to trust our children. Listen and let them guide the way. Give them the space and freedom to form and develop their own sense of self. These ideas, these lessons, are imperative to their development, as they build the confidence and skills needed to thrive. We strive to facilitate this type of learning at Sapna. Whether kids need help with self-awareness, guidance in communication, motivation, imagination, or just a little inspiration, we work to provide experiences that ignite their minds, celebrate their true selves, and support their personal growth and learning.

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

NASA + Nests

Grid Painting

Flag Football with Coach Kash

Celebrate Poetry Month - I Am Poems

Branches Book Club Discussion

Hello Friends! Read + Play - EGGS + SEEDS

Bird Dancing

Baking Competition with our Homemade Playdough

Self-Directed Science

More fun at the center...



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