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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings

This week's **MAGICAL MOMENT** got bodies moving and activated imaginations.

It all started with a simple obstacle course, set up in an attempt to give learners a space to "shake their sillies out". After a few runs, materials began to move around and different obstacles emerged. At the end of the day, older kids set up a whole new course for the younger learners. This week, the Roots students will have the chance to create their own obstacles for kids in the Branches program.

Last week we were also asked by the link to create gifts for the EnterCircle Summit speakers. We brainstormed ideas, then started by creating our own monoprinted paper. We will continue this process throughout the week and then cover clay pots with this hand-printed paper. Kids will then get a chance to create arrangements using succulents and other house plants in the pots. We are looking forward to participating in this event, especially the Youth Symposium on Wednesday, November 17th.



Our monthly Community Meeting has been rescheduled to

next Monday, November 15th at 6:30pm.


Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Mat Room Obstacle Course

Monoprinting Paper

Legos with Coach Ivan

Game Theory

Cursive Handwriting - Signatures

More fun at the center...

Check out our offerings at the center next week!


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