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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings

Greek Week

Weekly Sapna News

by Alyce Scott


We had an eventful week this week. On Tuesday, Mazie led a Readers Theater offering for our Roots learners. They read Pandora's Box. We also had a Spontaneous Creativity practice with Ms. Jo, practicing verbal and hand-on problems. In the afternoon, Branches learners participated in Spontaneous Creativity practice with Mr. Nick, as well as starting "The Art of Storytelling" creative writing project with Ms. Jo.


Starting off in the Mat Room with Coach Matt, kids participated in Young Athletes. Christian offered a drawing tutorial of Pegasus. Branches learners worked with Coach J practicing their math skills. Meanwhile, Matt made a movie based on the Readers Theater of Pandora's Box from yesterday! We had a statue making going on, and later on kids played Storytime Chess in the Sapna Room with Ms. Jo and Abby. In the afternoon, Branches students played Family Feud and then finally ended the day with some Synthesis game theory led by Coach J.


Ms. Jo led a nature "hike" and gluing activity to start off the day. Then the Roots kids enjoyed some exercise with Coach Matt, as well as a Greek Market activity with Alyce. In the Mat Room, we had a Roots Spontaneous Creativity practice with Coach J and in the Sapna Room, Mr. Nick led the Holes book club. Matt made a new Sapna Short, "The Library Experience". For the Mentors, we had yearbook planning with Matt and Jaxon.


We had a birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL! Coach Matt also planned a great obstacle course in the Mat Room. In the Sapna Room, we have math for the mentors with Coach J and an epic Science Lab with Mr. Nick! We also had a dance party with Isaiah. In the afternoon, Branches students began working on their Greek Mythology portraits with Ms. Jo and also creating their Greek fashion look for our immersive history unit.

That is it for this weekly newsletter, hope you had a great weekend!

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!



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