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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings


Weekly Sapna News

by Alyce Scott


September 6th

Welcome back Sapna Readers, hope you had a great weekend and a great Labor Day. This week started off with Mazie leading a Readers Theater with the book Surprise, Trojans! The Story Of The Trojan Horse. Coach J led Pre Algebra with what? CHOCOLATE!! Oh learning is sweet. In the Mat Room, Ms. Jo led a spontaneous activity with the Roots kids. After the spontaneous activity, we designed chitons in the Sapna Room. To end our Tuesday, we had a Creative Writing session with Ms. Jo for the Branches.


September 7th - NAKED MOLE RAT DAY!

Happy Wednesday, Sapna Readers! Matt and Christian led Young Athletes in the Mat Room for the Roots kids. Coach J led Pre Algebra and Algebra for the Branches kids to test their math skills. Meanwhile in the Sapna Room, Christian led a drawing tutorial on how to draw a Naked Mole Rat. Afterwards, in the Mat Room we had Naked Mole Rat activities for the Roots kids. At the end of the day, Branches students played Synthesis led by Coach J. Lastly, we played a silly game of Apples to Apples to get to know each other better.


September 8th

We started off the day with Young Athletes with Coach Matt and Jaxon, working on our trapping and catching skills. In the Sapna Room, the Roots kids painted some "Greek pottery" inspired by Greek mythology. Meanwhile in the mat room, Coach J led a Spontaneous activity for the Roots kids. In the Book Club we made fortune tellers and read more of the book "Holes". In the Mat Room, Coach J and the Branches worked on a Spontaneous storytelling challenge. Sapna Shorts was in full swing, filming and editing the latest edition of "Hungry Jaxon".


September 9th - Pajama Day!

Everyone looked great in their pajamas! The Branches mentors planned a great Pajama Olympics in the mat room, complete with fashion show, yoga, interview sessions and obstacles course. Everyone really had the chance to shine. Mr. Nick taught us about the Ancient Greek water clock, clepsydra, and then our young scientists had the chance to create their own. We also celebrated Jaxon's birthday and wrapped up our Greek Unit watching Hercules. In the afternoon, Greek mythology portraits continued to unfold and students picked their polis for the history simulation.

That is it for this weekly newsletter, hope you had a great weekend!

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!



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