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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings


Throughout the first few months of Sapna this year, some offerings have really become a part of our daily and weekly lives. Some have even expanded into bigger, more long-term projects. Here are a few we have been working on...

Sapna Shorts

It all started with a video of a lego tower breaking, a silly recorder playing a few notes, and an explosion... From there, Matt and his crew have continued to grow their skills and challenge themselves to make even more creative videos. Then, they debuted thier creations to the public at the link's Halloween party. Audiences were beyond impressed.

Now they are taking the Sapna Short to the next level by creating a video for the 90 Second Newbery Film Festival. This is a great way to wrap up our study of the novel Holes, while also allowing learners to pursue their passions and stretch their abilities in new ways. We can't wait to see how it turns out!

In addition to planning and producing the 90 Second Newbery Film, they are also working to adapt one learner's Christmas story into a Sapna Short that can be viewed at the link's Christmas Party in December.


Another daily practice among Sapna learners is drawing. Whether it is a tutorial from Christian, a comic strip, copying out of the drawing book or watching our favorite Youtube artist, improving our drawing skills is a priority. Watching learners develop over the past few weeks shows how daily practice can make a difference.


Our teams are coming together and performances are being planned. After the Spontaneous Workshop last weekend, kids came back ready to get creative at our OOTM practice on Friday. It was amazing to see how quickly they are learning and developing problem solving skills. Please mark your calendars for the upcoming Construction Worksop from 9AM-12PM at River City Science Academy, 8160 Baymeadows Way W, Jacksonville, Florida.


We are planning to host a Sapna Friendsgiving Potluck Luncheon on Friday, November 18th at 11am. All Sapna families are welcome to attend, please just let Ms. Jo know you are coming and how you would like to contribute. Whether you bring plates and napkins or cook us your favorite sweet potato casserole, we are grateful and excited to share a meal with all of you! Sign up here.

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Tuesday - Fun Outside, Cheer with Theia, Thanksgiving story time, Turkey Drawings, Creativity with Corbin, Full Moon Rise at the beach + PIZZA! (and even a little Spontaneous practice too!)

Wednesday - Princess Play, Young Athletes, Creativity with Corbin, Sapna Stories, Drawing

Friday - Pallet Fun, Fun Friday Fitness, Sapna Shorts with Matt, Ice Cream Science

Saturday - 90 Second Newbery Film Planning, Outside Fun



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