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VAN GOGH + SUNFLOWERS of gratitude
“almost a cry of anguish while symbolizing gratitude in the rustic sunflower”

Vincent van Gogh was the focus of our week, culminating with a trip to the "Beyond Van Gogh" exhibit in downtown Jacksonville. Learners had various opportunities to study van Gogh and his art, as well as create a few paintings inspired by his work.

Tuesday was all about sunflowers and gratitude. As kids cycled through learning stations in pairs, they had the chance to painting a still life of sunflowers in a vase, just like Vincent. They were challenged to mix colors, creating new colors and experimenting.'

On Wednesday, we started our morning outside, with portable easels and paints. Van Gogh enjoyed painting in nature, so we gave it a try! At the van Gogh exhibit, one parent told me that portable paint made the Impressionists' work possible, allowing them to travel outside to paint. Everyone really enjoyed being outside and found it easy to be inspired by nature.

Thursday was self-portrait day. Learners looked carefully in the mirror before diving into their work. Pieces ranged from realistic to abstract, with someone painting themselves as a fish!

Friday was enveloped in the excitement of our Friendsgiving luncheon. Everyone bustling around getting prepared, sharing their family recipes, and making new memories. It was a wonderful event and we are so grateful to all of our families for their support and trust. This center and community is an absolute dream come true. <3

On Sunday, learners had the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the art of van Gogh as we took a family field trip to the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit in downtown Jacksonville. One could not help but become inspired and uplifted by the exhibit. We learned more about Van Gogh as a person and had the chance to experience his art in a whole new way. Kids especially enjoyed the portraits that winked and the flowers that grew across the walls and floor. Cherry blossom petals flying in every direction! Joy filled the faces of everyone there.

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Tuesday - Turkey Fun, IKEA Spontaneous Play, Learning Stations

Wednesday - Young Athletes, Social Skills, Creativity with Corbin, Learning Stations