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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings

This week's **MAGICAL MOMENT** all began with a little berry picking.

On Tuesday, Juno and LK started harvesting berries "for the winter". Then, the hose got involved.

Berries + Water = Creation of a Mud Kitchen

Learners of all ages enjoyed making mulch stew, berry tea, and mud pies - all left to bake and cook in the sun. It was messy, it was fun and kids were learning at every turn. Our Roots students led the way, reminding the older kids how to pretend and use their imaginations. Once engaged, the older students began to teach the younger ones new techniques for smashing berries, collecting leaves, and decorating. This impromptu offering lasted the entire week and captivated every learner at Sapna.

We would like to make this type of play more accessible to our kids, possibly putting in a more permanent "kitchen" near/in our garden area. If you have an old sink, table, pots/pans, utensils, etc. or know someone who does, please think about donating to our mud kitchen. Let's keep this curiosity and creativity alive!



Sapna Academy is closed next week - November 23-26, however we will be hosting drop in play on Tuesday, November 23rd from 11-1pm. All Sapna families are welcome!


Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Mud Kitchen Fun with Juno, LK + Monica

Monoprinting Paper with Ms. Jo

Legos with Coach Ivan

Game Theory - Life Size Board Game in the Park with Corbin

Decoupaged Pots with Ms. Jo

Cardboard Creations - Design a Museum with Corbin

Kites! with Ms. Joy

Happy Birthday Jacob + Sophia!

More fun at the center...

New offerings will be sent out later this week,

along with information from our November Community Meeting.


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