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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings

Updated: May 21, 2023


Over spring break, a student suggested we start planning a makers' market. Over the past few weeks, kids have been developing their own ideas for products, completing business plans, and brainstorming about marketing and finances. We plan to try to rent space at the Nocatee Farmers Market in the near future. This week, however, inspired by this type of entrepreneurial thinking, the center was transformed into a mini-Town Center.

On Wednesday, the Apple Store popped up. A few iPads and iPhones start circulating, the center is buzzing. Not long after, the Animal Saving Clinic is renovated into a Game Stop and Nintendo Switches are flying off the shelves. At first there is a little tension between the two stores, until an agreement is made and software is developed that can be used in both types of devices. Orders are pouring in, both stores have lines at the end of the day. Not to mention, a restaurant opens nearby. Kids pour over the pretend food bin, lovingly creating dishes and menus. A favorite of the week was the kids menu with a picture drawn and left blank so "the kids can color it in while they wait."

On Thursday, Apple Store workers come in ready to work and recruit more employees to meet the high demand. They work all morning, everyone anticipating their 12pm opening. As soon as the window opens, a line forms with customers ready to get their latest gadgets.

By Friday, the marketplace was in full swing with an artists' colony opening up, trying to sell their latest masterpieces. It was a fun week filled with play and learning and lots of cooperation and community. My daughters played with all their "electronics" at home, finally getting that iPhone they've always wanted all to themselves!

Opening up the schedule this week to allow for more self-directed learning play seemed to work for kids this week and we look forward to seeing what their imaginations will bring this coming week!

Enjoy these photos from the marketplace:


Enjoy this photo journal of our WEEK AT Sapna!







We are trying something a little different with our schedule to see if this allows students a little more freedom to make offerings at the center. The Set the Week below lists only the facilitator-led or already established offerings we have planned. We will allow kids to sign up to make offerings each day in various time slots, giving us a better idea of what activities they want to participate in at the center.


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