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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings

odyssey of the mind

We just got our Odyssey of the Mind membership and are ready to form our teams! It was exciting to hear the kids last week as they shared ideas and insights about the new long term problems (see image below). We have so many different kids interested in different types of problems and their solutions. With so many returning and new students, it is sure to be an inspiring OM season.

What is Odyssey of the Mind?

“Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem-solving competition for students of all ages. Kids select a problem, create a solution, and then bring their solution to competition against other teams in their age category. Students work in teams of up to seven members under the guidance of a coach. Teams create solutions to long-term problems over a period of months. Teams come up with all the ideas and do all the work on their solutions themselves.” (As described by the Odyssey of the Mind Association, learn more on their website.)

We, as educators and parents, believe that this program offers something unique for our children. We believe that they will learn teamwork, creative problem solving, divergent thinking, persistence, practical skills, and many other abilities through Odyssey of the Mind.

The growth we saw in our students over the course of our Odyssey journey last year was extremely rewarding and inspiring. They built confidence, overcame adversities, went back to the drawing board and made their solutions better. They all worked hard and it paid off. Our trip to Orlando and the State tournament was an experience we will never forget. We cannot wait to get started again this year with our reflections in one hand and duct tape in the other!

Permission Slips for participation will go home with kids this week. If they would like to participate, they must commit to both the Regional and State Tournament dates.

Check out some photos of our fun at the tournaments last year!


Enjoy this photo journal of our WEEK AT Sapna!









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