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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings


Sapna Storytellers annual tradition of sharing beloved children's books with the community at the link's Halloween party was a special ending to our week. Kids worked for weeks to prepare their lines, build confidence in their acting skills, and even sew their own costumes! It was a real team effort.

Our very own acting coach, Ms. Vanessa, volunteered her time to come work with each and every student to make the performance our best one yet. Not only did the kids practice by reading and reading and reading, they also worked on inflection, fluency and emotion. Ms Vanessa (Jack's mom) is such a special part of our community that makes core memories like this happen for our kiddos! We are so grateful to have her in our village.

Ms. Joy (my own mother) came over multiple days to work with each kid on their own custom costume. This is a tradition passed down, as I remember my own grandmother coming to my school to make costumes for our class play. It was special for our family and every student that got to work with "Gami" on their costume.

Some of our older students chipped in at the last minute to make our nest and our narrator's "tree stump". They used natural materials from our garden to bring the story to life.

It really takes a community to put events like these together and we are so grateful for the families that have supported Sapna every step of the way. It is amazing to think of our first Halloween performance to the one last Thursday evening. The kids have grown by leaps and bounds and we could not be any prouder! <3


Enjoy this photo journal of our WEEK AT Sapna!







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