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WEEKLY Update + Upcoming Offerings

This past Tuesday, we had our first visit from Cash, a very special new friend. One of our very own Sapna parents, Erik Kolbow, runs the business P.A.W. Service Dogs. Part of their mission is to give back to the community, while also helping train service/therapy dogs for various situations. Long story short, now we have a class "pet"!

Each week, learners will have the opportunity to cuddle with Cash. They can read books, talk, play, or just be together. We have already experienced his calming effect first hand while he laid on his bed in our center. It felt natural and comforting to have him around, and we hope his role (as well as other therapy dogs) will continue to grow.

Huge thank you to Erik, Cash, Betsy (Cash's owner), and everyone else at P.A.W. Service Dogs. We can't wait for Cash to come visit again this Tuesday! To learn more about the incredible work Erik and his team are doing in our community, please visit their website. The "Angels in Training" section is especially touching, where you can even read Cash's heartwarming adoption story. We are so grateful and feel honored to partner with such a generous organization.

Enjoy this photo journal of our week at Sapna!

Architecture Study - Famous Buildings

in the Mid Kitchen...

Game Theory - Settlers of Catan + Wildcraft

Sight Words with Nicholas

Gymnastics with Sophia

Outdoor Art


Read Aloud Book Club

Puzzle Fun!

Herbology Review Tea Party (sampling chamomile + cornflower tisane)

Outside fun at the center...



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