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Weekly Update + Upcoming Offerings


Happy Spring Sapna Family!

Celebrating the Spring Equinox in the garden is a tradition in our home and we could not be more inspired by the budding leaves and new growth all around us. Traveling throughout Florida and enjoying many private + public gardens was a highlight! We have been collecting ideas, along with seeds and plants, all year and cannot wait to spend our first week back in the garden. Dreams of butterflies and bumblebees, sunflowers and succulents. This garden will be a month long project, hopefully ending with a garden party for Earth Day in April!

We are working on creating a mostly Florida-native garden, focusing on butterfly hosts and habitats - free from pesticides and fertilizers. Donations of seeds, plants, soil, mulch, pine straw, etc are all welcome and greatly appreciated!

Thank you to all the Sapna families that updated us with pictures of your fabulous family time and learning over the break! We are so grateful for all the support + it is an honor to work with our amazing families.


Enjoy this photo journal of our Sapna STAYCATION!




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